Hello, my name is Jessica.  I am a Catholic Italian American woman in her 30’s. My husband and I have four young children on earth, and two in heaven.  We home-school.  We start businesses.  We have frustrations and affections and are learning to live well and love well. 

I started this blog to have an outlet for my desire to write and express my thoughts and reflections with words.  I started this blog to share myself and my story with you.  I started this blog to honor God and all He has done for me and is doing in me.  I hope He will do good things in the world through me.  And you.

Father My Father is actually a prayer to our Heavenly Father for all of the men in my life.  My earthly father, my priests, my male friends, co-workers, coaches, and big brothers. Godly men are so crucial, they image God the Father in a way that I cannot.  We could all use prayer, especially fathers.